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Rural Ed News

In Rural California, children face isolation, hunger amid coronavirus school closures
Authored by: Hailey Branson-Potts
With schools closed because of the coronavirus, educators in vast stretches of rural California are struggling not only to teach their students but to reach them.       
A field with a school in the distance
California rural education network launches to help isolated teachers share resources 
Authored by: Lee Romney
On an early morning late last spring about 100 educators from districts serving California’s rural areas trickled into a meeting hall north of Sacramento for the inaugural launch of a network meant to address their isolation and frustration...
Cows in a pen with a school bus passing on the road.
How California’s Rural Education Network Is Creating an Online Hub to Better Connect Remote Schools and Empower Teachers to Share Experiences, Strategies & Classroom Materials
Authored By: Laura Fay
Educators in rural communities face unique challenges, but they also have special strengths that aren’t always found in urban and suburban schools. In California,where 60 percent of districts are in towns or rural areas, a new project is leveraging those strengths to help educators connect with one another and get the support they need.
Two students walking down the street.
Disconnected: Internet stops once school ends for many rural California students
By Sydney Johnson
Walk into any classroom in Alpaugh Unified and you will see teaching and learning using the latest technology. Students collaborate on digital documents, give presentations on interactive whiteboards, conduct research and even apply to colleges on Chromebooks.